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Just some of the issues that this book addresses...

Why sex is God's greatest gift to the Christian married couple.

Why your mind iRes your most important sexual organ. And, how to use your thoughts to increase your anticipation and excitement levels.

Basic and advanced female anatomy and sexual response secrets. You will learn everything that you must know to experience frequent, intense and multiple climaxes. I guarantee that you will learn things about your sexual potential that no one has ever told you!

The "magic key" to your sexual pleasure and potential. Within days, you will be able to use this "key" to immediately begin to feel sexual sensations and pleasures like never before.

How to help your husband to become you dream lover. Whether your husband is struggling with premature climax or impotence, you will find effective strategies to sensitively and quickly help him to overcome these difficult problems.

How to become a "sexual explorer," while always pleasing God.

How to create the environment and circumstances within your marriage that will allow you to finally experience the most intense, fulfilling and marriage-building sex ever.

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Sexual Satisfaction For The Christian Wife